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Taoist Arts of the Lee family training manuals by Chee Soo

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  • Slow food

    Slow food

    Origins and Principles: From Ancient Tao to Modern Tables When I first started on the Chang Ming diet, one principle I tried early on was chewing every mouthful of food 50-100 times. This principle is sometimes called “drink your food and eat your drinks” because every mouthful turns to water if you chew it enough.…

  • The Path of Kai Men

    The Path of Kai Men

    Taoist yoga has long been known as the “Open Door” (Kāimén 开门), although at various times in its long history it has also been referred to as Hébìng 合并 (“Unity”) and Héxié 和谐 (“Harmony”). Kai Men is the most appropriate name, however, as it expresses the idea that Taoist yoga is the doorway to all…

  • The Principles of the Supreme Ultimate

    The Principles of the Supreme Ultimate

    Why should this beautiful sequence of movements be known as the ‘Supreme Ultimate’ (Tàijí 太极)? Does it mean that we have to achieve absolute perfection in every movement that we execute, or does it mean that we are aiming for an ultimate goal in everything which is a true component of this wonderful art?There are…

  • The History of Kung Fu

    The History of Kung Fu

    No one can say exactly when the Chinese arts of self-defence first came into being, but the seeds go back to the very early days of the primitive period, when man first roamed the earth. Before he had even invented a weapon, man had to protect himself with his bare hands against the attacks of…

  • Traditional Diagnosis

    Traditional Diagnosis

    As the Five Elements are linked to the Yin and Yang, and these in turn are governed by the Tao, it is understandable that curing illness is also linked to the Five Elements. These cures are: Fire spiritual cure Wood Ch’ang Ming Earth herbal therapy Metal acupuncture Water thermogenesis Five elements therapies The Spiritual Cure…

  • The Aims Towards Perfection

    The Aims Towards Perfection

    Chapter 4 The Aims Towards Perfection The author of this book has been practising T’ai Chi Ch’uan for sixty years, and knows deep down inside that even though others may think what you do is perfect, something you feel and appreciate can continue to be understood ever more deeply as time goes on. Yes, perfection…

  • Meditation


    Although many people have gone to great lengths in an effort to learn how to meditate, and yet have been disappointed, meditation is easy provided that you go into it for the right reasons, and, with the help of a good master or teacher, look into it thoroughly, so that you learn the basics of…

  • Breath is Life

    Breath is Life

    Breathing is accepted as the most natural thing in the world, but very few people really consider how important to the body correct breathing is. We can all go without food and water for many days, yet, if we stop breathing for even thirty seconds, we quickly realize that we cannot do without air for…

  • Inner Power

    Inner Power

    Inner Power An old Chinese proverb says that ‘The reflection on a pool of water never shows its depth’. In order to prove this, it is necessary for you to get into the water and swim down to the bottom of the pool, for you can never really know anything just by looking or watching.…