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Taoist Arts of the Lee family training manuals by Chee Soo

Chinese Art of T’ai Chi Ch’uan

The Taoist Art of Feng Shou – Hand of the Wind Kung Fu

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The training manual of Feng Shou ‘Hand of the Wind’ kung fu written by Chee Soo.

A complete illustrated guide to this unique Chinese system of self defence which combines ‘softness’ with speed to great effect.

As many will know, Chee Soo was a dedicated student of Taoist philosophy, an outstanding T’ai Chi master, and an expert in Chinese Medicine but he was also an unparallelled Kung Fu master. Here we have reprinted for the first time the classic detailed training manual of Feng Shou kung fu.

Complete with copious illustrations and detailed explanations of the various core techniques and underlying principles of the softest and probably the most devastatingly effective Martial Art in the world – Feng Shou ‘Hand of the Wind Kung Fu’. Feng Shou kung fu training is a practical and effective form of self defence training which is suitable for anyone either male or female and young or old alike. No harsh physically punishing training regimes are required as this style can develop you on three distinct levels: mental, physical and spiritual. Based on the dynamic internal power of Chi energy rather than brute physical force this Art can allow you to have the strength of ten men and overcome even the biggest and strongest of aggressors. This book is essential as a training manual for anyone who is studying Feng Shou kung fu but is also of interest to anyone who is studying any of the other aspects of the Taoist Arts of the Lee style.

This edition has been reproduced from the original text with new photographs taken under the guidelines of Taoist masters trained under Chee Soo himself. Quality bound on high density bright white paper with a laminated cover for protection and recommended as a day to day reference and training manual for members of the Taoist Cultural Arts Association.

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