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Taoist Arts of the Lee family training manuals by Chee Soo

Taoist Arts of the Lee style

Tao of My Thoughts

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Chee Soo practiced the Taoist Arts of Tai Chi Ch’uan, Feng Shou kung fu and Ancient Chinese Medicine for sixty years. He was first taught by Chan Kam Lee a Taoist teacher from Shandong province in China weho came to live in London in 1930 and met Chee Soo one day in Hyde Park. From this day there formed a freindship and Chee Soo went on to become one of Chan Lee’s students in a little class in Holborn.
Chee Soo was immersed in Taoism and lived his life as a Taoist.

One day on December 21st 1976 thoughts started to enter his mind about the nature of Taoism and for the next eight years he noted these thoughts down. This notebook was never published during his lifetime but in 2006 his wife Marilyn gave the manuscript to Chris Simpson and he decided to publish it so that anyone could benefit from the insights contained therein.

This edition is a hardback copy and contains hand drawn pictures in Chinese Inks by the author

Table of Contents

  1. The Tao
  2. Yin and Yang
  3. Nature
  4. Humanity
  5. Man
  6. Women
  7. Those I have met
  8. Just Me
  9. Appendix

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